Saturday, July 26, 2008

unwanted post.

mood: >_>
listening to: missing link - julius

I didn't want to post up an entry today.
I just didn't feel like writing one.

Since I woke up I haven't had the appetite I usually do. Its starting to annoy me. I nearly puked at lunchtime. I was forcing myself to eat.

Went grocery shopping with mom and bought new jeans today. Looks pretty good on me. It really shows how freaking skinny my legs are.

I had a dream bout Sam last night. I miss the dude now. *sigh*
He liked me I think. Stupid idiot scared of commitment. He was leaving anyways. So I guess We stayed away from each other. Or maybe I'm just over analyzing things. I always do.
gah... stop remembering naj. stop remembering.

I feel immature.

I'm so close to blowing everything. Its starting to drive me crazy. My patience is fading. I think I should stay away for a bit. Before I do something really stupid.

Good luck with that Naj.

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