Monday, July 7, 2008


mood: Okay
listening to: sayonara no hate - Sadie

I just sent in my entry for GulfWeekly's Photography Contest. *nervous*
I just entered it cause... well I can. I doubt I'll win. I'm not even a good photographer. I hope I don't win. Whatever, there are 25 year olds joining. Oh whatever.

I'm planning to break up. ^__^ Lol.

I woke up well today. I don't feel sleepy, sick or tired. I just feel hot in a feverish way.
Mom just reminded me that I didn't get all the shots I'm supposed to get if I went to school. YAY! I'm getting shots when my dad gets home. Quite alot of shots in fact.

I should start practicing the songs I'm going to cover for another contest. Gah... that reminds me I have to finish tabbing 内非新書. (I love my Japanese keyboard) I also have to practice the Tokio Hotel song we're going to play. Damn! so much work to do for just one live T-T. I shouldn't complain its our first and our last live together. Then we'll be ex-mon~sun. members. So fucking awesome. If only I was in Japan then maybe I could do session bands. So much fun. Oh and wearing all those revealing visual kei outfits. Oh yes. I wouldn't mind wearing anything revealing as long as its visual kei. Speaking of visual kei. Every time I see Miyavi and Teddy Loid standing next to each other I think of bad things... very bad things. I blame the forum I've been hanging around... too many fan girls of that pairing.

Mom ain't feeling too good so Uncle Noy will be picking up the siblings instead of us. Mom has been venting about how dads been worrying about her. She doesn't like it at all. If I was getting that kind of attention I won't complain. *sigh* Well, no one needs to worry about me no mores. I ain't that sick.

I have accepted the fact. I wonder how long this will last. I wonder how long I can take it.

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