Monday, July 14, 2008

not healthy?!

mood: annoyed
listening to: Jelly fish - alice nine.

Woke up 10 minutes late. >_>
When I sat down at to eat breakfast. I complained that I woke up with a stomach ache. Mom replied with 'maybe you have ulcer cause you eat so little' Mom.... I've been eating this way for years and I get it now!?!? I do not have ulcer.

I dropped on my parents bed and started to fall back to sleep. Mom went all "Are you okay? Are you feeling well?" I opened my eyes and she was RIGHT THERE. TOOOO CLOSE MOM!!!
Dad came in with a "You're weak. I'll take you to the hospital, go change." COME ON PEOPLE!! I just woke up! T-T Dad also said that I'm yellow.... LMAO... what am I Lisa Simpson? Seriously...

I spent an hour reading. Page 208 ppl. So boring though. T-T
I did Nadas project aswell. I hope she'll be happy.
Oh crap Yomiz bday is today. *goes to jrockheaven*

Kal drew me yesterday. So awesome. I would post it up here but its a copyrighted piece so I can't without his permission.

Motzy sent a pic of him with straight hair. SO HOT! Lol *huggles motzy* He looks like a not-japanese version of Raito from Death Note. RUN AWAY MOTZY L will RAPE U!

I can't believe I forgot to update my stupid comic. Why did I start drawing it again? ._. gah. I hate myself. Thats it! I'm going to end it.

I desperately need to update my DA. T-T its been weeks. (o.o)

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