Tuesday, July 8, 2008

had to

I'm seriously amused!
I'm supposed to be taking a shower at this moment but I just saw someone I haven't seen in years. My ex-stalker Husain. Yes, the guy that I used to passionately loathe for all eternity. We used to fight all the fucking time. Fight fight fight thats all we used to do. We would fight cause he kept on following us around. Okay okay... back to the amusing part. Husain, the dude who always wore black and is a complete bad boy. I just saw him a few minutes ago running towards a car dressed in those banker clothes minus the suit. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm sorry I just never imagined that asshole will actually grow up. What amused me the most is I actually thought he was hot. Hahahaha. I'm starting to miss fighting with him now. hahahahaahhahahahah that made my day.

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