Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Secratery vs Housekeeper

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I'm supposed to be watching Jane Eyre atm. But something happened.
I was in the shower... suddenly I hear shouting. It was my uncle (the secratery) and tita susan(the housekeeper). They've been giving each other the silent treatment for months now. Tita, I'm guessing told him to clean up his mess on the table and he didn't. She came back and told him to clean again. He stood and started shouting at her and she slapped him. Well, I don't blame her my uncle can be such a stubborn, bratty, wannabe female sometimes. They just kept shouting at each other. It sounded funny as fuck. Cause of all the sarcasm and all the 'CORRECT KA DYAN' I even recorded some parts of their fight. I was so amused. But Uncle don said something that was not promising. Tita started crying after she vented out on my mom. Oh well. Uncle don should seriously stop acting so immature.

The fight between me and Kobby is completely one of the pointless things ever. Hes been misinterpreting all my 'talk to you later' goodbyez. Sometimes people! I don't feel like talking to anyone and going BRB and never coming back is not what I do and If I happen to actually be busy! gez... don't just go on ahead and assume that I'm talking to you just to pass the time. <- stupid accusation. I'm Naj, I don't USE people. Kobby of all people should know this. If you prefer to think so lowly of me then so be it.

I started the painting I'm doing for shan. I can't believe Nikki forgot Shans birthday was coming. Some step daughter she is. I hope she doesn't mind my morbid side. Oh well. Kal said anything from the heart is good. Yup.

I didn't get bored of you. I don't like keeping you from your everyday life. lol. It would be awesome though if my dad actually allowed us to be together in the same hotel room. LOL. the things we would do. SHOPPING!! w00t w00t! I'm still thinking of what to paint you.
Do we always have to have a segment in our blogs directed to one another? *nuggles* fun fun!

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