Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Immense part fell off.

O_O I have a whole paragraph! *happy face*
Yay me! *laughs ass off*
Yeah Yeah, Love you too wenwen! <- thats so cute! o3o >_> I miss u now. T-T
U ebil person! I have second thoughts about giving you that painting. >_>
WATCH ME?! I'll drink all I want hun. *sticks tongue out*

Last night I got a full set of huggles from Nada and Nikki. I guess they finally noticed. Stupid blind bestfriends. >_> BLIND! they're all BLIND!!
Me and Nix. were so tempted recently to just pick up that sharp object up and do what we all used to do. Of course, she doesn't really need it much since she cries. Gosh. So frigging tempting!
NADA don't fall asleep I might lose my sanity and do it again! DUDE!!!!!! Why the hell am I calling out her name. Shes not even home! >_> I'm allowed to do it when I can't take the insanity and if I'm about to break, that is if I'm not already broken. w00t w00t! Well, till then. I hope its not close. >_> I don't want people at Shans birthday to be staring at my wrist. >_> They'll honestly find me the most pathetic creature on the planet. I didn't do anything yet so its all good. Must keep sharp objects away when depressed. AWAY! FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR AWAY!! Oh and someone take that stupid book away from me *stares and points at the lamest version of diary* I don't want to be reminded after I read that! *forms fingers into a cross* EBIL THING! STAY BACK!

"deny me one of your kisss, I dunno what I'll do!!!" O__________O that song just popped in my head. >_>

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