Wednesday, July 30, 2008


mood: err...
listening to: 誰が為に咲く花 - Dollis Marry

Lol, I couldn't think of a title. So I just randomly thought of a color and made it look like a jrock band name.

Umm... I hope you won't get to angry when u actually see the... yah. ._. I don't want an angry wenwen. *nuggles u* Well, I made a promise and I intend to keep it.

Woke up at 6:35 then again at 7:05. I sat up on my bed and just waited until my alarm goes off 10 minutes later. I had a weird dream... Umm... its seriously weird. I rather not say what happened. Mom force fed me too much food again. Does she have to keep doing that?

Learned Chinese. I can recognize some of the characters now. My problem is I either know how to say the character in English or in Japanese. >_>
For example: This is a Chinese character as well as a Japanese one. They mean the same thing. 花 - Hana (japanese) - Flower. Whats that character in Chinese? I have no Idea. >_>
不 - Iie (Japanese) - bu (chinese) - No, not. Woohoo! at least I know one thing. >_> hahaha

瑠璃の雨!!!アリス九 嵯峨、虎、蒋、ヒロト、ナオ!<--- Nada read that! I know you can.

Jane Eyre Final! 65.5% Almost freakin done. I'll let my notebook rest when it is completely done. Finally!

I have a bad feeling about Thursday. gah... this feeling is starting to scare the living shit out of me. Its worse than the feeling I had on my birthday. >_> Damn. Someone stab me. *tries to ignore feeling*

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Soozi Catastrophe said...

u should teach me how to read Japanese one day, i wanna empress my friends. <3