Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Portrait of a Lady - Henry James

mood: relieved
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Gah! I'm so happy I'm finally out of that Italian setted, Victorian aged book. I thought I would be lost in it forever. I just kept reading until the 10th chapter I read. How many times can a girl be asked to marry. 4 times! 4 times they confessed their love for her. 4 different guys. One rich dude. One american dude. One Italian based American and Her COUSIN. She should have picked her fucking cousin. ._. So freaking odious. .____________. Just makes me think about all the guys that courted Nikki. Why hasn't she said yes to the ones she actually liked. T-T stupid girl. She doesn't know what she's doing and this was a long time ago. Now, she comes to me for advice. FINALLY. I'm going to set here right. If she's got someone she likes who likes her back damn u girl GO FOR IT! don't stay and wait for Taka. I can't say that to her face. She'll get hurt. T-T dammit.... I will anyways. If shes got someone in mind. Last month it was this dude...whats his name... gah I can't remember.

Safa is in the country. She called me last night. Shes using words like... INSANE and AWESOME now. I'm so happy shes back. But I have this strong feeling we'll be drifting apart like me and yasy. If that happens its okay. Shes got her life and I've got mine. Thats been happening alot. My closest friends are all going into the 'crowd'. Oh well. I've got new best friends who're here for me. You guys know who u r.

I have finally accepted it. Took u long enough ne naj?
But I have. I'll just go through everyday normally. If theres pain I can handle it. As long as we're both friends. Its all good.
I wonder how long till my next hopeless love. *laughs*

HI KOBBY!!!! *hopes kobby's reading this*

Nadas note to me.

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