Wednesday, July 16, 2008

fuck. >->

I seriously want to be happy. But when I am... I won't be after a while. Theres always something- someone pushing me back where I started. For fuck sake stop it already. I'm getting really tired of this crap. I want to be Okay... I really do. But I'm not right now.
Just stop the pain already. Its getting really annoying. Like really really really really really annoying. This is actually my limit. Gah!!! My limit used to be.... sooo fucking long. What happened? OH that happened. Why does it seem worse. The first one was nothing... the second GAH! the third... HOLY FUCK... someone write my name in that death note. forth & fifth will be a lot worse. I can feel it. That just makes me soo fucking insecure... so fucking Well... Lets see what happens eh. Grin and bare it (yeash bare it)! Grin and bare it.

*spazzes like miyavi*

I hope to hell u wont read this.
Please dont. I know... I said I would stay happy. I was... until. yeah. I was.
Don't get upset now. I'm still smiling u should be too. <3
and go brush ur teeth u smell like crab.

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