Wednesday, July 16, 2008


mood: spazzin out like myv. luv ya miyavi!
listening to: shattered glass - bullet69

I want coke. >_> I want coke. T-T
I did nada's project then read a hundred pages of meh book. Its amazing. I can read over 100 pages in 40 minutes. woohoo for me. *spazzes out like myv* <- thank u motzy for that.

I didn't want to post up a blog entry today. I didn't feel like it. But I did anyways. Stupid me.

gah... I found a bruise on the side of my knee just now. T-T everytime I walk around it hurts. T-T
I have one on my thigh aswell... again. T-T

Inet is acting up. I'm typing this offline. ._.

hey! u logged off. T-T

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