Friday, July 25, 2008

shots... are being annoying

mood: >_>
listening to: Hakanaki risou wazuka na ai - Sadie

I haven't listened to Jrock in a day O_O. All I listen to now is Tokio Hotel and T.A.T.U. I mean wtf?!

Nikki came over yesterday. It was fun. We were being Motzy fangirls and have him as our phone wallpapers. Hes such a celebrity. lol. I feel like a stalker though.
We went online, watched a movie and talked. We talked about her best-friend eickel (or however they spell his name) and how they call each other best and how people think they're together again. Lol. so not true. They're like us ren! but its like Nikki is a dude for kel. lol.
I did something I shouldn't have yesterday. I'm glad she was there to calm me down. *relief* w00t w00t for bestfriends!

I woke up with my right hand hurting like fuck. >_> On the bright side, Jane Eyre Epi.2 finished downloading! I watched it rite after! T_T why don't I have a Mr. Rochester too! life sucks. T-T
"I wish I was in a desert island somewhere with only you for company" or "Don't go Jane. What would I do without your help?" with that sad, depressed face! T_________________T if someone said that to me I'll die! wait no. I'll hug them really hard then I'll die.

Anyways, I'll be Naj and wait patiently for what I want the most.

Talked to Ren for like 9 hours or so. Then called him when he had to go out somewhere.

I studied a little yesterday. Sketched out a new painting, read, and prepared for todays study session. >_> do I have to be so organized. OCD!

Right now, I'm staring at my download waiting list and I say WOAH. I just keep adding and adding. Jdramas, Cdramas, Jrock, PV's, one Movie, one mini-series, and 3 GV's. *giggles* GVs!! Lol

J.J. is officially Bi/Gay. I asked him a few hours ago. lol it wasn't just the alcohol talking.

I'm going to expand my vocabulary again, finish Bleach & tab something. Gah! that reminds me I have to re-tune Equilibrium. Maybe after I learn that slap song! naitomae all the way!

Nasser is pissing me off. I need to get out of the fucking room! Don't talk to me DAMMIT! Fuck off!

I want to go out!! Gah!! Thats it I'm going to talk to Safa about it. Ren, wanna come?

*insert nasser and nada asking questions in the background*

I don't know everything, dammit! Stop with the questions!
Thats it I'm going to take a shower.

Nada in the bg atm. "Nice undies naj. Its pink"
"wait... *checks* its orange."
"Oh really? *checks her own* Mines orange too"
LMAO! We do the same with our bras!

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