Thursday, July 31, 2008



9goats black out is releasing something new and I just heard the samples of the new single and O_______________________________________O I WANT THE SINGLE NOWWWW!!!!


MANNEQUIN is also releasing something new. *spazzes out like myv somemore*
よかたね!?! (O-O) ( ^。^ ) *rolls on bed*
*just watched their preview of their first pv* Damn... Kazuma would make one beautiful woman *feels insecure* I want to see him with a beard now.

What made me squeal the most!? was that picture of Yomi receiving a little kiss from Tenten on their bdays! fanfiction time! *ebil ebil yaoi fan girl thoughts* PRO GAY!

Scar. is coming back but not as scar but 4wayspeakers! O_O they're not visual kei anymore. T-T and they weren't even heavy vk. just mild like Mon~sun.

-------------END OF FANGIRL POST----------------

Ummm... *Naj is blank today*

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