Friday, July 4, 2008


mood: *huggles yanny*

Kyuu wa?... stupid mind... stop with the japanese. >_>

Today wasn't different... its always the same shit different day. Despite my mood. Well, if they would just shut up and stop making me feel bad. Today would've been me and my grinning self.
Tomorrow, Hopefully... I'll be a little chipper. I'll try to ignore my "real feelings" if anything does come up.

I really missed talking to Motzy. I mean... before Ren, he was the one I stayed up all night with. We sorta drifted apart a little but it now we're kool. Hes like my source for free huggles now a days besides renren of course.

I hope Saturday goes well. I hope I'm in a good mood by then. Oh please! no more pain directed to me please! give me a little break people!

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