Thursday, July 31, 2008


mood: anxious

I'm here waiting for Nikki to arrive. It's taking awhile probably cause I'm actually looking at the time.

I have a bad feeling but whatever.
Nada is still pissed at me.
What I said yesterday was a joke for the viewers. She takes a lot of jokes seriously.
Looks like its just me and Nikki who are going this time.

Mom asked "Is it your idea to go out today?" Umm... Mom I didn't plan this. Shan did I was invited to her party. I have a strong feeling mom is talking behind my back. Ranting about how I go out and crap. She'll start marking Ren and Nix as bad influences. Oh come on mom. I'll be home. I won't do anything so freaking stupid. I'm not like Nasreen you know that. I'm just a teenager who wants to have fun. I'm not the girl who had no friends and barely saw daylight anymore mom. You've got to let me be.

I'm not going to fight for independence. I won't go out everyday. its just every other week. Please... just let me be. Get used to it.

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