Sunday, July 20, 2008

doctor here I come!

mood: *yawn*
listening to: the vacuum cleaner

Mom's taking me to the hospital today.
I'm not really scared if theres going to be any bad news.

I was reading the newspaper like I always do. Until I saw Kals picture. There was an article about half breeds and how they're treated sometimes. Kal had a little part in the article. Awesome dude!
(I need to puke. .-.)

We have racism problems here too... Its always because we're Filipino. We go out... boys are throwing rocks at us. T-T Discriminating us. Treating us like we're a bunch of prostitutes.

Nasreen's at the apartment. She'll be staying there for 2 weeks cause of the little kittens she got.
I don't really like cats when it involves them being my pet. I like dogs better. I'll probably stay there for a day or two. Depends if theres internet or not.

I'm going to do one more cover and redo WORLD END ANTHOLOGY. >-> I wants to do it now.

gah... shower...

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