Sunday, July 27, 2008

back to the usuals

mood: okie
listening to: Hakanaki risou wazuka na ai - Sadie

YAY! I'm going back to learning japanese, chinese and arabic. I forgot most of the arabic and I remember more of the Japanese.

I don't think I ever stopped learning Japanese. *thinks* umm.. Okay.
I started making yasy her plane letters. YAY!
I'm going to make some for Ren and Nikki(if shes really going)

We're invited to Shans bday on the 31st. Party at her house! w00t w00t! I have to ask mom. >_> She lives in juffair so mom wont have a hard time driving us since she lives really close.
woohoo! I'm going out this week! *happiness*

Apparently everyone loves my painting for renren. I mean O_O. Even my grandmother said it was beautiful. I was being praised by her and my aunt. O_O w00t?

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