Sunday, July 20, 2008

a day

mood: okay
listening to: ridicule - sugar

I haven't been depressed for a day! make that 2 days! w00t w00t!

Kobby unblocked me and I think he blocked me again cause I didn't answer his IM.
I was out picking up Nada and Nasser from school. I forgot to put my stats on away.

Ren is reading.
We're keeping each other from the real world. Lol.

Shan's birthday is coming.
I should start painting her present.
But what shall I paint her. I hope she doesn't mind anything morbid.
Thats all I seem to paint.
I find it funny that everything I make is all emo-ish. I do it unconsciously.
I did this when I was happy. *shakes head* emotionally unstable people... really. Venting out their feelings without even knowing it.

Jun tabbed the bass parts of Naihishinsho in an hour. O-O the dude is like awesome.
Thanks Jun for the tabs. <3

Gah I forgot to take my pills.
Ren if you're reading this... remind me again. I might forget.

We got invited to Maurie's birthday in September. Advanced invitation hahaha. She's turning 18. w00t w00t! I'm thinking of giving her my UVERworld poster as a present. I'm not sure though cause nada wants it.

I want to read Jane Eyre again. I think I will... but look at all the other books. O-O
Gah... I'll just start reading The woman in white - wilkie collins. Either that or the count of monte cristo - alexander dumas. The book is HUGE. I have a feeling it'll be really boring.

Holy shit. I haven't been studying japanese lately. gah! ._. what happened to meh routine? T_T I blame school vacations.

I noticed every time I did my homeschool crap. I actually do something productive after. Once I work I never stop. *is a workaholic*

Yasy's not answering my IMs its getting annoying. T-T

Last post of the day.
I'm going to edit the drawing I did of Taka and post it up on DA.

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