Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gulf Weekly!??!

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RenRen!! COME ONLINE NOW!?!? Gah... T-T I'm all excited and I want to be excited with someone my age and you're not on. T-T Get ur ass up! Fine just read this.

Nasreen is going to be fucking jealous.


I! me. I got featured alone in the fucking Gulfweekly. I mean OMG! I thought I would be among the other entries but NO. Its just me! ME! O_O *faints*
Mom called me at 6:54am(she was still at school) and she was like 'I took the Gulfweekly with us. I saw the article. Good Job Naj.' *-* (totally stealing your smiley)

I was waiting anxiously for mom to come home and give me the freaking paper. O_O I was shocked that I was the only one there. I thought... what about the other entries? o_o woah.
I need major huggles right now. I can't believe this. O-O

"You should be proud of yourself! Nasreen is going to be really jealous. Can she do what you did? I don't think so." Mom said while we ate. I was like O_O.
"You were featured in a magazine before and now the local newspaper" Mom continued.
I was still going O_O.
"You're developing! Very good! Mashalllah! Mashallah!" said pops. All I did was O_O.

I can't tell anyone! ANYONE cause they're all asleep. Yasy, Nasreen and You! Damn u Ren get up already! T____T motzy? dammit... hes probably sleeping still. T-T

While you were gone <_<. I took a little nap with motzy. Since we were in the same timezone and We were both like "Lets take a nap. We're both tired."So we did. I slept for 2 hours. Then I woke up. I kept on falling asleep while watching tv. This is not normal at all. Then at about 11pm. I felt soo sleepy. I fell asleep while talking to sawsy. I can't wait to get the freaking test results. Tomorrow. I'll get it tomorrow. *breaths*

Gah! I think I sprained my wrist. ouchies.

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