Wednesday, July 9, 2008


mood: hot. *ac is off*
listening to: some dude on tv.

Pop is home. He decided to take my place as bodyguard to my mom. That means more sleep for me. Well, not today anyways. I woke up, I didn't know pops was going. Tell me before I get up and fix my bed.

Nasser asked me to put in vids and music in his new 4GB memory stick. I hate it when he does that. T-T I'm doing it now though so he wont bug me about it later.

I have to wait until next week to see if my entry for the gulfweekly made it into the shortlist or just featured as one of the entries in the paper. That would be awesome.

Holy shit. My download speed was 54kbs. O3O

Right... Ugly Betty started once again yesterday at 8pm. *happy day*

I'm surprised. The only thing I had yesterday were laughs and smiles.
Lets see if it'll be the same today.

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