Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Zettai Kareshi

mood: joyful *weird*
listening to: time goes by ~ VAMPS (random comment about the song: Hyde-san in Vamps is awesome. The guitars are awesome)

I'm planning to finish watching Zettai Kareshi today. They'll be deleting it from crunchyroll soon. Theres something going on with the sub masters of SARS and crunchyroll. Pretty messed up shit right there.

I could barely wake up this morning. I kept on... gah. What totally sucks... Mom doesn't notice me at all in the mornings. We're all sleeping in one room. (me, nada and naser) She wakes them up and then walks out. T-T Hello! I'm here you know... Whatever. I wake up on my own anyways.

After watching tv with Dad and siblings. I noticed mom was missing. She was downstairs cleaning the car. If dad found out she was he would force us to go down and help her. >-> I dropped dead on the futon. Sleeepppyy...

Hehehe You mentioned me againz! *huggles* Yay for me. You better wake up soon. Marathon! woohooo!

Damn... I love this song. I want to play it on the guitar now. *looks for tabs* Dammit. Its still new... >->

I'm currently reading an airbrush painting tutorial done by my senpai! She Pinay and awesome. Her art is just AWESOME! It needs more attention.

I'm planning to enter a photography contest held by Gulf Weekly. Yea... I have a little skill in Photography... just a little. But I think its good enough. Gosh... >-> I have to work on my CV.

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